I’ve been asked to source some team building activities for my company but am not sure what to look for.  Any suggestions?
Have a look at the Activities listed on this website.  There you’ll find some common objectives that our events are most often required to achieve.  If you need further advice, just phone or email us with your requirements and we will make suitable recommendations.

How can I be sure our delegates will be safe at a TAG event? 
Client safety is our top priority.  We own and maintain all our own equipment (unlike some other event companies that hire in as and when required) so we can be sure of its reliability and fitness for purpose.

Our instructors are all certified by the relevant governing bodies – the British Dragon Boat Racing Association, the Royal Yachting Association and the Great National Archery Society – and give safety briefings before each activity.  We always have qualified first aiders on standby and also carry full public/third party liability insurance cover.

I see both land and water-based activities are available – is it possible to combine elements of both into one event?
Certainly. One of the great advantages of choosing TAG is the experience we have in both areas. So you can mix and match activities with confidence knowing your guests will have the best possible time.

I’m not sure about a suitable venue for the activity I want. Can you help?
Yes. We have wide experience of which venues are best suited to particular activities and have built good relationships with all of them. We can undertake all the booking arrangements too, just confirm your requirements and leave the rest to us. We can also arrange catering and other event accompaniments to ensure your event runs as smoothly as possible.

What happens if it rains?
In our experience rain rarely hinders the success of one of our events!  We will ensure your guests are kept as warm and dry as possible whilst our staff will keep everyones spirits high to make sure the fun doesn’t stop.  Depending on your chosen venue and activities there may be the possibility of moving the activities indoors, however this may carry a cost implication.

How much does an event cost?
Because of the unique way we design our events to ensure we cater for your exact requirements, no two events are ever the same and for that reason you will not find any prices on our website.  The cost of each event is worked out at the initial planning stage, so you know the cost we quote you is a true reflection of your needs.

Are there any extra or hidden costs?
No.  We ensure that all costs quoted include transport, staffing, insurance cover, set up, collection etc.  So there are no sudden unexpected add ons and the cost you see is the cost you pay.

Do you offer other activities other than the ones detailed on the website?
Yes.  Although we have run many exciting events with a range of activity options that simply have to be experienced to be believed, we have only highlighted those which have proved to be popular but we do offer even more choices.  So if you are interested in activities which are not listed, please call us on 07796 836 390 and we will be happy to discuss your ideas.

Where can you host events?
All of our equipment is fully mobile so we can work anywhere in the UK.  All venues are subject to a health & safety review to ensure they are suitable for your event.

Do we need our own insurance?
No, we are covered by £5 million public liability insurance, so there is no need to worry about additional insurance for your event.  We are happy to provide you with a copy of this documentation should you wish to see it.

Are there any weight, height, age restrictions?
We endeavour to make our activities as fully inclusive as possible.  However, some of the activities we provide require participants to be reasonably fit and not vastly overweight to their height.  If you have any concerns about suitability please talk to one of our team and we will be happy to talk through your requirements.

What should we wear for an event?
For events involving land activities we suggest casual sports clothing and trainers, or other suitable clothes and footwear that will allow the wearer to move freely, (footwear should be sturdy and flat).  Although it is unlikely you will get very muddy, we advise you wear something you don’t mind getting dirty.  In the colder months we recommend additional clothing such as waterproofs, hats, scarves and gloves.  For water activities we recommend that participants bring a complete change of clothes and a towel.  Your feet will get wet, so take this into consideration as you may not wish to wear your most expensive shoes.  We also request you avoid wearing jeans, wellingtons, heavy footwear or ostentatious jewellery.

Can we consume alcohol during an event?
For water activities we have a strict no alcohol policy and request that participants do not consume alcohol before or during the activity but instead wait until they have finished.  Your safety is our highest priority, therefore, any person(s) who are thought to have consumed alcohol or is not in a ‘fit state’ to participate will not be allowed to do so.  For some land activities and other entertainment it may be appropriate for guests to enjoy alcohol during the event, please discuss with our team your requirements.  The unlawful use of any banned substance is strictly prohibited at any time.

What if a member of our group has a pre-existing medical condition?
We advise that any participant who is in doubt of their physical ability to take part in some or all of the activities should seek medical advice from their general practitioner prior to the event.

Should I provide refreshments?
For all activities and entertainment we suggest water is provided for your guests.  More than often it is easier to arrange for the venue to provide all refreshments for you and we are happy to liaise with the venue on your behalf.  Clients often arrange for tea and coffee to be available on arrival and for prolonged periods of activity, breaks can be scheduled and a wider range of refreshments and snacks served.

Is their a minimum / maximum group size?
No, our activities can be altered to cater for as few or as many as you wish, although some activities are better suited to smaller or larger groups (and these are noted for each relevant activity), we are happy to talk all the options through with you.

Can you supply equipment for us to use ourselves?
Yes.  However to ensure we can maintain the condition and quality of our equipment, we always supply a member of our staff on site to set up, pack down and oversee the running of the activity with the overall result that your guests have a better quality experience.

Which companies have employed your services in the past?  Can you provide recommendations?
We are proud to have built an extensive client list over many successful years of business.  A full list of our past and present clients can be found at Our Clients.  To ensure we maintain the highest standards possible we always ask for feedback from our clients after their event, a summary of this feedback can be found on our Testimonials page.

Do you outsource activities and equipment thus increasing the cost to me the client?
No, we won’t outsource to other companies to host your event.  We aren’t just event managers we actually create and host all our events ourselves.  If you do require something unusual which we don’t own in house (it’s impossible to own everything!) we will only source from a trusted supplier who we have worked with closely in the past, and because we have spent years building this relationship there is no added cost to you, ensuring you still get everything at face value.

Can you provide trophies or prizes for the winning team?
All our proposals include medals for the winning team.  If you would like further medals, certificates, trophies or unique prizes with a difference we are happy to suggest ideas or source these for you.

Are you able to offer a discount to charities?
We promise to provide all our clients with the most competitive quote possible.  We understand budgets are tight for everyone so for this reason discounts aren’t necessary because we are already offering you our lowest possible rates.

We want activities to engage even the reluctant employees on our team.  Can you help?
Definitely.  We thrive on the challenge of getting everyone involved however hesitant they may be initially.  We don’t force anyone to do anything they don’t want to but experience has taught us that the enthusiasm of our staff is infectious and guests can’t help but want to get involved.  We also aim to help you choose a range of activities that stimulate not only the active but the cerebral to – we want there to be something for everyone!

Can you suggest ideas to entertain our staff at the end of a long day?
Yes, we have a range of entertainment ideas that are a perfect way for your staff to relax and unwind.  Whether you want a hands on activity or something which means you can sit back and be entertained, we promise to match the right activity to your needs.

Are there any restrictions as to when we can hold an event?
Not at all, we host events 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, if there’s a venue that can host it we can provide the rest.

There are so many team building companies out there why should I choose TAG Events?
We pride ourselves on providing unique events which match the exact criteria each of our clients provides so no two events we host are the same.  We are constantly striving to surpass your expectations and deliver your event to the highest possible standard.

Feedback over many years has taught us that clients appreciate the way we work e.g. you will have one point of contact at TAG events and we will do everything in our power to ensure that this person remains the same  from the moment you make initial contact with us, throughout the build up, during the event and after the big day.  We also make it a top priority to ensure everyone in our office is up to date with all our clients and the events that are in our diary so even if your number one contact isn’t available we promise there will be somebody who can answer your questions.

Once I have chosen the date, the venue and the activities, what do I need to do next?
Nothing!  Sit back, relax and let us get on with what we do best.  We will iron out all the logistics, liaise with your venue and most importantly keep you regularly updated.  We appreciate that by choosing TAG events you are entrusting us to create the event you want from the detailed brief we took at the beginning of the process.  If we need to make any decisions on your behalf, we promise to keep in touch first so you can feel confident we have your events best interests at heart.

Do the activities / entertainment I choose have to be competitive?
Not at all, we appreciate the importance of hosting an event without scaring your guests off with winners and losers.  We can create an atmosphere which focuses on encouraging participants to get involved and become energised.  Your guests will reap the benefit from working together in a relaxed environment where the contribution of everyone is valued as opposed to forcing people with a fear of failure into a high pressured competitive environment.

How many TAG staff will be at my event?
There is not a hard and fast rule as to how many TAG staff will be at your event.  As soon as we know which activities you have chosen and the logistics we will be able to let you know staffing numbers.  One thing you can be sure of is that there will always be enough staff to ensure your event runs smoothly and that all activities are sufficiently staffed to ensure your guests safety throughout.

Will TAG staff look professional and smart at my event?
Yes.  We guarantee our staff will look smart and presentable throughout your event.  Their dress will reflect the activities/entertainment you have chosen whilst remaining easily identifiable as professional event managers.