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Our workshops are a fantastic way to get your team working together and being creative.

Delegates receive Plasticine to create their own character, as well as props and scenery for their animation. Great fun!

Our workshop leaders work with your group. Each group becomes a film crew and receives an animation station along with instructions from our stop motion animation experts on how to use the software.

When the films are all in, the groups get together for a premiere screening of all the films they have created. After the session the finished animations can be taken away on a USB memory stick.

Deluxe Animation Workshop
With the deluxe animation workshop, your team gets a real tailored experience.

Delegates receive a pre-made Plasticine ‘mini-me’ model, ready for them to customise and create their own characters. The ‘mini-me’ models are a great way to ensure everyone can make their own fantastic looking character, regardless of whether they are naturally creative.

Each group of 10 get their own personal animation leader who is always on hand to guide them through the concept & storyboarding stage, solve problems and answer animation queries!

After the premiere screening at the end of the workshop, we will take the films back to our edit and post production studio, where music, titles and effects are added, before being sent direct to the client within 2 weeks of the workshop. These films are great to share with colleagues, internally in large organisations or externally on the company website/social media as desired.