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The perfect way to see out the old year & in the new! This task is centred around the creation of a calendar, a challenge combining project management, teamwork, design, composition, lots of dressing up & posing and huge amounts of laughter!

The group will be split into “designers”, “project managers” & “models” – these are not mutually exclusive, one role may easily end up doing another; however these 3 areas will each need fulfilling to ensure that 13 different scenarios (12 months plus a cover shot!) are completed in time, in the right place. 12 members of the team will each be responsible for ensuring their designated month is set up with the right models in the right clothes at the right time. Other members of the team will take responsibility for ensuring each of the 12 different sets is completed in the right place at the right time for the photo.

The rest of the group are required to be in as many photos as possible, with models required for each picture. Each month’s project manager will have the key responsibility for ensuring their costumes & props are all correct both before & after the shot.

We will provide the 2 professional photographers, with high professional cameras & studio lighting & “blank canvas” for the design team to create the scenes; the photographers will be able to instantly show results to the project managers who can declare a “wrap” on their particular scene once they are happy with it. We will also provide a large range of costumes & props, as well as the equipment, design & technical knowhow.

Quality & humour are essential, as once all 12 photos are complete, we then develop them into wall or desktop calendars – these are sent on to the attendees with a view to providing them with both a memento of the day & a long-lasting testament to what can be achieved with close co-operation & teamwork.