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A challenging corporate team building event, colleagues are shown a number of modern candle-making techniques by a professional candle-maker and trainer.  Then it’s over to you!

Working creatively in teams, design and make your own candles and packaging.  Decide the ingredients, calculate manufacturing costs and profit margins, then produce a pitch to promote your product to the other groups.  A workbook and template is provided to help teams complete the task.

The finished products and pitches are judged and prizes awarded for originality and profitability.  Teams also keep the candle creations they produce.

This activity simulates an end-to-end business process: from the initial concept, through design of product, manufacturing, quality control, packaging and promotion.

It’s a challenging, fun, team development exercise, which relies on co-operation and teamwork to ensure the best results. The workshop provides the opportunity to practice and develop the skills of active listening, organisational skills, setting priorities, innovation, effective communication, leadership and presentation skills.

Also available for family fun days on a come and have a go basis.