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Our bars are unique as each group of 6 get their own cocktail bar to work on which allows for full interaction while making cocktails and stops all the waiting around you find in masterclasses held in a conventional bar. This means there is 100% participation throughout the whole class.

Work behind your own bar and be guided through various techniques, tricks and tastes by one of our expert Mixologists. Then use your own equipment and acquired knowledge to create the perfect cocktail.

During the masterclass everyone will receive a cocktail upon arrival (typically a Moscow Mule), then each guest will get a chance to make 3 cocktails each on their own fully stocked cocktail bar (we suggest the following classics- Passion Fruit Margarita, Russian Spring Punch, Mai Tai), all expertly presented by our Mixologist. Then each team will get a chance to create their own cocktail and compete against the other bars/teams to design (choose your own ingredients) and present (reveal the inspiration and content) the best cocktail of the day!