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Archery – Robin Hood, eat your heart out! Over many years our team of qualified instructors has developed a simplified coaching method which allows all participants to learn quickly, and shoot more consistently and accurately than you would have ever thought possible in such a short space of time!

Our archery team will give you the best tuition possible in this popular and well established sport. We have both children’s and adult’s bows and the minimum age to take part in this activity is eight. Four people can shoot at a time using two targets and we can supply as many additional targets as are needed for your guests.

Clay Pigeon Shooting – All of our clay shooting takes place at licensed venues under the supervision of our first-class instructors. Groups will be divided into teams of up to 6 people and each target has their own professional shooting instructor who will offer help and advice.

We do try to ensure that everyone hits plenty of targets.  Your guests will have the chance to try  all of the stands

Croquet – This posh English game can be adaptable depending on the group size, big or small croquet fits easily in to team challenges.  The whole activity is run by qualified instructors, can be very competitive and won with a strategical mind-set.

Seemingly genteel, croquet is in fact extremely competitive. So if you have a vicious streak, we’ll encourage you to show it.   

Perfect for groups, men and women compete on level terms. No physical prowess is required so everyone can join in, and you can chat and play at the same time.

We won’t ask you to jump through any hoops.  We keep things simple so you can pick up croquet quickly and enjoy the game right off the bat – or mallet, as we say in croquet.

Duck Herding – ‘One Man and his Dog’ has nothing on this!  There is scope for much hilarity as guests try to control the collies and herd the ducks through an obstacle course, under instruction from a top sheepdog handler.

The dogs work to both whistle and verbal commands, and illustrate in a special way, the communication between the dog and its handler.

The guests are presented with a shepherds tongue whistle (which they can keep as a memento of the day). It is explained that the dogs work to both whistle and vocal commands, and the guests are invited to use their whistles to copy the sounds. Most people find this really difficult, and it causes much amusement. Everyone is relieved to be told that they will be working the dogs with verbal commands and do not need to whistle! They will then be told the verbal commands and given a demonstration of how to work the dogs.

Ferret Racing – After intensive training we are proud to offer ferret racing boasting such charismatic heroes as Cheeky Chainsaw Charlie, the infamous Johnny Knuckles, the mean Big Bad Bubba, the perfect gentleman Polecat Pete and a host of others.

Each team member will have to listen carefully to the instructor as they go through the strengths and weaknesses of each runner to choose which ferret, racing to the tune of the “Lone Ranger’ will ultimately take the chequered flag.

Fly Casting – The art of this skill is taught, emphasising the requirement of technique, not strength to achieve results by professional and qualified instructors and dependent on experience, with different length rods.  Fly chasing technique taught are trout and salmon fly casting, with an accuracy competition on grass to assess your development.

Gun Dogs – The teams will have the opportunity to interact with our cast of lively loveable dogs in a whole host of testing but fun, retrieving, agility and relay games.

The event is structured to make each session informative but very entertaining for the guests.

Harris Hawks Flying Experience – This session will provide clients with a briefing in the training and the management of birds of prey and enable hands-on experience for all participants.

Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting – Everyone from teenagers upwards (minimum age is 13) can take part in laser clay pigeon shooting, which is played with authentic but deactivated 12-bore shotguns that have been fitted with harmless laser equipment.

Our team of experienced instructors will brief the participants on how to handle the gun, and will be on hand to give tuition and guidance throughout. The equipment generates the shotgun “bang” and when a player hits the target the sound effects of a clay shattering can be heard.

Indicators on the gun instantly tell the player whether they have hit the target and the scores for all competitors are displayed on an electronic scoreboard.