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The Finger Catch – can you catch the persons finger next to you without your own being caught? – works a treat every time!

Giant High Five – a synchronised mass high five.  Each delegate high fives the people on either side of them at the same time by pushing out both hands on our presenter’s command. (if achieved properly there is a perfect snap of all the hands connecting – if not perfect – its funny!)

Mexican wave – a ripple of energy through the room.

Selfies – delegates take selfies with phones, getting in as many other delegates as possible.

Olympic routine – ‘Faster / higher / stronger, in actions and words following the presenters lead.

Rock, paper, scissor – Who is focused on making the right decisions today?….. everyone in the room playing against the presenter till last man or woman standing.

Vocal warm up …… split the auditorium into sections…. all do different part of the chant i.e.: oompa, loompa, dippity, do!

Space numbers…… The first to 30 – the winner is invited on stage to show the audience just how they achieved this so quickly.

Still life….. each individual performs a pose/mime based on a favourite pastime/hobby (i.e. golf- statue like pose of a golf swing). The presenter picks out the best and possibly brings them onto stage to reenact their pose/mime.

Boomwhackers are plastic tubes tuned in the pentatonic scale and are both intriguing to participate in and fun to watch.  By giving every delegate a boomwhacker, we transform the audience into one massive musical instrument.  – Has to be seen to be believed.