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Annually Team Activity Groups subsidiary company Dragons Alive is responsible for managing the Marlow Town Regatta and Festivals Dragon Boat Regatta on the second Sunday in June.  The Marlow Town Regatta is now in its 17th year having started in 2001.  On the Saturday the main highlight is the youth rowing programme, with trade and food stalls and musical entertainment also taking place.  On the Sunday the dragon boating takes centre stage.  Entry to the enclosure is free on the Sunday (there is a charge on the Saturday) food stalls and ample picnic space will be available on the day.

Dragon Boat teams can be made up of work colleagues or family and friends, in fact any combination of people you would like to bring together for the day!  The event is a great day out for everybody involved, whether they are taking part or spectating.

Teams are guaranteed a minimum of three races each during the day and prizes are available for the 1st,2nd and 3rd placed teams as well as the best dressed and best named teams.  Teams can be made up of up to fifteen people; ten paddlers and a drummer are required for each race.

Entry packages this year do not include a pre-event training session but these can be undertaken by those teams wishing to do so for an additional cost.

Teams can use the event as a charity fundraising opportunity if they wish to do so but this is not compulsory.

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If you have any questions please email Lauren- lauren@tag-events.com or phone 07796 836 390