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The role of a facilitator is different to that of a meeting chair, manager or trainer. Their purpose is to hold a group in process and manage the needs of participants to achieve a clear outcome. Good facilitators will not contribute on content. It is not about what they think. Their job is to manage the needs of the group and create an environment for individuals to contribute as equally as possible.

We describe good facilitators as ‘worth there weight in gold’. It is their facilitation skills that help overcome adversity, remove roadblocks and engage teams. Facilitators will spend much time in facilitation skills training so they have a wide range of processes to use depending on the situation they are given. This develops their expertise and helps make them more effective for their stakeholders.

Your facilitator will agree a common goal or purpose for your session. They will create or recommend a process to engage your people. Your facilitator will also ask you ‘what does a good outcome look like?’ and will stay neutral in the conversation.

They will advise on room layout and any materials or aids needed. Your facilitator will work with and address any concerns you might have with group dynamics. Most of all your facilitator will help you host your session and check in with you throughout the session as his or her key stakeholder.

Our clients often find they have a one off need or a conference to plan and prefer to contract the services of an external facilitator. We are on standby to speak with you about your requirements. We can’t wait to share with you how the expertise of our facilitators might be a good fit for the goals you have for your session.