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Family Fun Days are an increasingly popular way for companies to all come together to celebrate success and to give back to their staff. They can be built up with various components depending on where you are looking for the event to take place, what your budget is & your requirements are – who are you looking to entertain and how much have you got to spend?

Team Activity Group will happily work with you on all aspects of your family fun day, including but not limited to –

  • Activities – archery, laser clay pigeon shooting, human table football, bouncy castles, garden games.
  • Side Stalls – TAG own a wide selection of fun fair stalls including; hook a duck, coconut shy & play your cards right.
  • Entertainment – steel bands, Punch & Judy shows, petting zoos.
  • Venue Sourcing – from a field with no facilities (a blank canvas!) to historic country house hotels.
  • Catering – options include BBQ’s, pig roasts, buffets, picnics, popcorn machines, and ice cream & sweet karts.
  • Refreshments – soft drinks, bars, cocktail mixologists, tea & coffee stations.
  • Toilets – from basic single portaloos to deluxe mobile toilet blocks.
  • Cover – we own a 26 x 36ft capri marquee and have close links with another company to be able to offer more than one for your event.
  • Furniture – from tables and chairs to deckchairs, beanbags & picnic rugs!
  • Miscellaneous – bunting, hay bales, signage, lighting.


Venues suitable for family fun days in the Buckinghamshire / Oxfordshire / Berkshire area –

Bisham Abbey National Sports Centre

Culden Faw

Hurley Riverside

Oakley Court

Phyllis Court Club

Queens Eyot

Stubbings Nursery

Temple Island Meadows