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This activity allows a team’s creative talents to shine; producing an appreciable outcome.

A motivating, fun, and challenging activity that is ultimately fun based, teams must work together to establish roles, plan the production, write the script and ultimately produce the final take!  The activity will bond and motivate the teams as they work towards a common goal.

The activity allows teams to allocate team members to roles which suit their strengths, or roles can be predetermined to challenge team members.  Allowing for individual and team development within a positive environment, team members are able to interact away from the stressful work environment.  The learning processes within the activity can be taken back to the office as can the way team members can interact.

Depending on the companies objectives the activity could ask teams to incorporate a business message, or promote a business theme.  Teams could also have to produce their film whilst following a set theme and genre to increase the creativity that the teams need to use.