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If you’re looking for something exciting which will bring out the hunter in you, this is the activity for you. Everyone from teenagers upwards (minimum age is 13) can take part in laser clay pigeon shooting, which is played with authentic but deactivated 12-bore shotguns that have been fitted with harmless laser equipment.

Our team of experienced instructors will brief the participants on how to handle the gun, and will be on hand to give tuition and guidance throughout. The equipment generates the shotgun “bang” and when a player hits the target the sounds effects of a clay shattering can be heard. Indicators on the gun instantly tell the player whether they have hit or missed the target and the scores for all competitors are displayed on a giant electronic scoreboard throughout the game.

With one system, five guests can shoot at a time but groups of 15 can play in a 40 minute session. Alternatively we can add a second system which will allow 10 guests to shoot at the same time.