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Our endurance paddles on the River Thames are the perfect challenge for any corporate team looking to embark on a unique adventure whilst also raising valuable funds for their chosen charity.

The long distance challenges can be one, two or three days in length, depending on the distance you wish to cover and how adventurous you are feeling!  Typically, a one day challenge covers 25 river miles, a two day challenge covers 54 river miles and for a three day challenge teams must battle their way across upto 100 miles!!

Each dragon boat accommodates one team of up to 11 participants (6-10 paddlers and 1 drummer; ideal numbers are 8 paddlers & a drummer).  We will provide an experienced helm for each boat.

A maximum of 6 teams (6 boats) can compete in a challenge at a time.  So you can invite another corporate team to compete against you or get more teams together from your office!

Typically we have hosted the challenges on a variety of sections of the River Thames between Oxford and Kingston and we will, as far as possible, try and create a route for you that finishes in your chosen location, so you can invite friends, family and colleagues to meet you on the finish line and celebrate your victory!

The document below shows a sample itinerary for a one and two day challenge.  If you are interested in hosting your own challenge please call us on 07796 836 390 to discuss your requirements and we will be happy to put together an itinerary for you.

Sample one day and two day challenge itinerary