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Please see below for the time that your team is required to register, if you have a team tent space booked then please arrive with enough time beforehand to get this in position (please see us at the TAG gazebo on arrival to be given your sign to position next to your gazebo to show that you have paid for your space and for advice on where to position your gazebo).

Please note that the whole team is required at the team registration time as this is the when your team safety briefing will take place. Team captains please report to race control on arrival and then again with all of your team when everyone is onsite for your safety briefing.

(These are teams who have a tent space booked)

(Please remember this is a 3x3metre space – you must provide the gazebo)
10 ROW; 20 GOTO 10
Ardmore Rangers
Blazing Paddles
BWP Group
Data Select
Got Your Number
MAD Dads
Paddler Anderson’s Hoffs
Rivertime Boat Trust (Charity Space)
Rosie’s Rainbow (Charity Space)
Shanghai Racing Club
Yeah Buoy

Baywatch Old Boys
Magical Marlow Mums
MS Hearties
Next Step Fostering Fire Breathers
Pete’s Dragons
Seas the Day
The Sham Fam

For those teams who have supporters coming down on the day it is envisaged that the 1st race will take place at 11am.

There will be a short break once each team has raced 3 times – this is likely to be at about 2.30pm.

We will then continue with the 3 semi finals for the top 9 open teams, the ladies final and the open final, these races are likely to take place between 3 & 4pm.  Please make sure that you stay for the presentation which will happen immediately after the Open Final and don’t forget that there are prizes for the best dressed & named teams as well as the racing prizes!

Any questions please ask;
07796 836 390


The Marlow Dragon Boat Festival forms part of the The Marlow Town Regatta and Festival which is now in its 17th year having started in 2001.

On the Saturday the main highlight is the youth rowing programme, with trade and food stalls and musical entertainment also taking place. 

On the Sunday the dragon boating takes centre stage. 

Enter a team 

We are looking to recruit Dragon Boat teams to participate in this fun and exciting event which brings Marlow alive.

Teams can be made up of work colleagues or family and friends, in fact any combination of people you would like to bring together for the day! 

The event is a great day out for everybody involved, whether they are taking part or spectating.


Teams can select 10 paddlers and 1 drummer for each race from a maximum of 15 per team (minimum of 6 paddlers and 1 drummer allowed).  The helm will be provided by Team Activity Group.

Open Team – any ratio of male and/or female paddlers

Ladies Team – only female paddlers and drummer

Junior Team – any ratio of male and/or female paddlers

In an Open and Ladies team the minimum age is 8 years; in a junior team it is 12 years.  For participants under the age of 18 years a responsible adult will be required to countersign the declaration form on their behalf following the safety briefing.

Racing Format 

We are inviting both novice and experienced teams to race in this year’s competition, teams will all race together in the heats before separating out into their own finals.  Every team can expect to take part in a minimum of three races, the fastest teams going through to the finals.  The race programme will be available on the day.

Previous Experience

Each team will be given a full briefing on the day detailing how to paddle and control a dragon boat – so previous experience is not necessary!

Training Sessions

Team training sessions are available on Tuesday 23rd May 2017 at Higginson Park, Marlow.  The cost is £100.00 inclusive of VAT for a one-hour training session.  Training sessions can be booked with your entry.


You should wear light clothing such as shorts, jogging trousers, t-shirt or sweatshirt and a pair of old trainers.  Your feet will get wet, so don’t wear your most expensive pair!  We recommend that you bring a complete change of clothing and a towel.  No jeans, wellingtons, heavy footwear or ostentatious jewellery.  Fancy dress is welcome and a prize will be presented to the best dressed team on the day.

Regatta Timings 

From 10am – Crew registration & safety briefings begin

11am – 1st Race

Break – There will be a short break in racing between the end of the heats & the finals

3-4pm – Open Semi Finals, Ladies Final & Open Final

4.15 -Presentation

Registration & Safety Briefings on the Day 

Each team has now been allocated a registration time (see above); it is the responsibility of the Team Manager to let their team know their designated arrival time.

On arrival the Team Manager must register at Race Control and collect the teams race pack for the day.  NO other team members are required to register at Race Control but all team members must be on site at their allocated registration time so they are present for their safety briefing before racing commences.

Each team member will be asked to sign a declaration form on completion of the safety briefing.  On signature each team member will be given a green wrist band to wear for the duration of the day, this confirms they have received the briefing and have signed the declaration.  Any late comers will be unable to race as there will not be the opportunity for additional briefings once racing has started!  No green band = no racing! 


Prizes will be awarded to:

1st, 2nd, 3rd Place Open Team

1st Place Experienced Team

1st Place Ladies Team

1st Place Junior Team

Best Dressed & Named Teams (awarded from public nominations on the day)

Car Parking

Car parking is available in the regatta car park.  Please note that no vouchers will be issued with the entry packages this year, entry will need to be purchased on the gate, and you should expect to pay £5.00 per car.  Please note that vehicles are not allowed inside the enclosure.  Please ensure that you park neatly and follow the directions given to you by attendants.  Cars are parked at owner’s risk.


We encourage teams to use the event as a charity fundraising opportunity for a charity of their choice.

If you have any questions please email Lauren- lauren@tag-events.com or phone  07796 836 390.


Entry Fees

£320 – Open & ladies teams

£265 – Junior teams

£39 – Optional team Tent Space

£100 – Optional training session (Tuesday 23rd May 2017 – Higginson Park, Marlow)




Downloads –

Marlow Dragon Boat Festival 2017 Information Pack

Training Sessions Information Sheet

FAQs 2017

Directions 2017

Paddling hints & tips