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We can offer a wide range of medieval style activities.  How many your group does will depend on numbers, time & space available.

Activities can include –

Medieval Archery:

Popinjay: Using a large number of bows together, each group will shoot (rubber tipped) arrows to try and knock brightly coloured ‘birds’ from a ‘tree’, just as it was done 800 years ago to train archers. Points are scored per toppled bird.

Crossbow: Notorious for its accuracy and the ability to be quickly ‘learned’, teams will be shooting at very small targets – a wand (literally an upright branch) and a garland (a small willow circlet) with points scored for each ‘hit’ – very much about precision; as alternatives, they may also be shooting at boar & deer (models) to demonstrate their hunting prowess!

The Butts: Each team will be shown how to properly shoot a medieval longbow, with which they will attempt to put 3 arrows into a target at range – and as quickly as possible… points earned for not just accuracy but speed!

Skill At Arms:

Sword Play: Dressed with protective helmets and gloves, each team will learn choreographed attack and defence with a broadsword against a post called a pell – each team will then demonstrate what they have learned with the instructors, with points scored for accurate swordplay.

Axes: Each team will be shown how to properly throw medieval axes, then get the chance to try for themselves… points earned for hitting the target itself, let alone the bullseye!

Spear Drill:

Each team will learn to:

Turn and march as a unit

Attack  and retreat ‘at the step’ as a unit

Defend the flag (‘porcupine’)

Attack at speed

Each person will be armed with a helmet and 6’ spear (the spears are blunted mouldings for safety reasons), and by the end, with points going to the best-drilled team, we guarantee much laughter, energy & enthusiasm… it’s ALWAYS a winner!