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A multi boat regatta is a popular activity as it allows groups to be involved in a range of water activities at the same time.  You don’t have to channel your inner Steve Redgrave to have fun with our races- it’s all about taking part and learning new skills.

Guests are divided into teams of a maximum of 10 and each team then sub-divides as 6 people are needed for the Canadian canoes (three per canoe)  and four to paddle the sit on kayaks (two per kayak).  There is also the option to include stand up paddle boards within this area of the activity.

So how does it work?  The canoes, kayaks & paddle boards race in a series of knockout heats respectively. This is then followed by two semi-finals and a final for each discipline.

Once these races are finished the teams then re-group and all pile in to Dragon Boats to start the final section of the days racing.  For the big finale the qualifying teams from the heats race for victory in the grand Dragon Boat final!

Subject to the time you have available we could also add in raft building and racing or replace either the dragon boat or canoe, kayak & paddle board part of the activity with the rafts. All team members would be involved in the raft build, with up to 6 team members involved in the racing of the rafts.