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In this unique activity delegates need to work together to create their own news bulletin.

The group needs to start the activity together to allocate different roles to the various team members; who will take on each broadcast, direct, be the cameraman for each broadcast, act as the anchorman to pull together all of the different parts of the news feed?

Different parts of the newsfeed that may need to be incorporated include; the day’s top news story, sport, weather, business news and horoscopes.

The teams will need to come up with the script for their part of the bulletin. The emphasis is on providing a verbally and visually informative and entertaining broadcast whilst following the theme that they have been set. Each part of the broadcast needs to last between 30 & 60 seconds.

The activity demands that the group works together to be the best that they can be through their script writing, role delegation, communication skills, creativeness, artistic skills and time management.