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The Olympic challenge will comprise of a series of Olympic / Paralympic inspired and featured activities. How many depends on the length of time you have available, the size of your group and your activity requirements.  For all of the activities team members will need to work together to ensure the best possible result for their team.

Included within the activity can be an opening ceremony – for this teams would need to create their national flag and national anthem before performing it to the other countries participating. An optional extra (additional cost) would be to allow teams to customise their national kit (t shirts) with t shirt paint, scissors and accessories.

The Activity Options-
Archery- Participants will be guided through how to shoot from our experienced instructors before taking part in a series of different games.  Opportunity for participants to have a go at blind shooting, here participants will be blindfolded whilst shooting and given instructions from a team member; communication is crucial!

Challenge Area- Featuring a series of Olympic inspired / featured events –
* Crazy Tennis
* Alternative Boat Race
* Basketball
* Sumo Penalty Shoot Out
* Golf Target Shooting or Crazy Golf

Chariot Challenge- Teams will need to work together to piece together their chariot before taking it in turns to be blindfolded ‘horses’ being guided through the course

Human Table Football- Two teams compete head to head within a inflatable pitch. Participants can only move left & right and will need to move in time with the person that they are standing next to.  Option for participants also to be blindfolded whilst doing this and using a special ball with a bell inside to guide the players. Each team may have a guide to help direct the players when they shoot at goal.

Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting- Using deactivated shot guns which shoot a laser rather than live ammunition, this is a great starting point for any group looking to learn a new skill.

Volleyball-  The games consists of up to 6 players from 2 teams taking to different sides of a raised net. Each team tries to score a points by grounding a ball on the other teams court. The teams may touch the ball up to 3 times consecutively although individual players may not touch the ball twice consecutively before directing the ball over the net. There is also the option for the game to be played as sitting volleyball as per the Paralympic version where players must have at least one buttock in contact with the floor whenever they make contact with the ball.  

5 a side Football- Teams will go head to head playing ‘the beautiful game’ on our pre marked pitches, the games will be short and fast and furious and can take on a tournament format (depending on your numbers). There is also the option for these games to be played with the participants blindfolded, and using a special ball with a bell inside to guide the players. Each team may have a guide behind the goal to help direct the players when they shoot at goal.

(Please click on any of the hyperlinks above (highlighted in blue) for more information on any of the various individual activities).