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2016 is upon us and once again its time to start suffering from Olympic fever! What better way to get ahead of the game than by enjoying one of our Olympic experience nights?

The sports master (in 70’s retro tracksuit) enters the room to the Grandstand theme and declares the Games open!  He whips the teams up into a competitive frenzy before asking the teams to nominate a ‘runner’.  The runner’s first task… to run down to the front and take an envelope off the Sports Master.  Inside each envelope will be each team’s new identity from Team GB to Team USA.  Each team in turn opens the envelope and the first bonus point of the night goes to Team GB of course!  The teams will then be told they have a minute to come up with a team chant / battle cry / anthem based on their country.

The sports master then explains the general format…a series of quick fire sports related rounds with something for everyone.  Some are question based, some may ask for a specialist skill.

Rounds will include; summer of sport-were you paying attention?  Bot vs Bolt, Family Fortunes, Sport is Art, The Price is Right, a sporting tweet, and sporting claim to fame.

As the scores are being totted up the sports master does typical sports reported interviews with random team members ‘How did you rate your team’s performance?’ etc.

It’s simply a great, entertaining, action packed, sporting show!