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Although organizing a dragon boat regatta might seem like a daunting task it really is anything but! We are here to help you and relieve as much of the pressure as possible, so even if you only have a very vague idea of what you are looking for then we promise to help you fill in the gaps. We will be happy to talk through your requirements and take you one step closer to realising the event.

Dragon Boats & Event Size

We own both 30 & 40-foot boats and will be happy to discuss the best options available to you for your event.

Boat Size Team Size Max. in a Boat Min. in a Boat
30ft Dragon Boats Up to 15 10 paddlers, 1 drummer, 1 helm 6 paddlers, 1 drummer, 1 helm
40ft Dragon Boats Up to 20 16 paddlers, 1 drummer, 1 helm 12 paddlers, 1 drummer, 1 helm

The reason we suggest having larger teams that can be in a boat at one time is because it helps to maximize the amount of sponsorship money you can raise!

Clients generally choose to use the junior boats as it is a lot easier to recruit the teams- for the number of participants required to fill a big boat two teams can be created for the junior boats giving you twice the entry fees and potentially more sponsorship money for your charity!

We can comfortably complete a days racing with up to 42 teams (that’s 630 participants!) using the junior dragon boats. If you want to involve more than 630 people in a days regatta or you particularly want larger team sizes then the big boats would be better suited.

Based on a standard daytime regatta (10-4pm) we recommend the following guidelines with regards the number of boats required-

0-14 Teams 15-21 Teams 22-28 Teams 29-42 Teams
2 Dragon Boats 3 Dragon Boats 4 Dragon Boats 6 Dragon Boats

For larger regattas involving more than 22 teams, the boats will race in two halves, i.e. for the four boat regatta, whilst two boats are racing the remaining two boats will be loading teams for the next race, thus helping to ensure that the action is non stop!

Covering Costs & Raising Money

Please see below for suggestions on how to finance your event whilst maximizing the amount of money you can raise for your charity

  1. Find a sponsor or sponsors who are willing to donate a lump sum which can be used to cover the cost of staging the event. In exchange for this you could include their logo on your promotional materials, allow them to exhibit on the day and even offer them a free team entry. This ensures all of the entry fees go directly to the charity.
  2. Charge a ‘per person’ or ‘per team’ fee that will go directly to covering the cost of the event. In addition a minimum sponsorship amount can be set.
  3. Charge a ‘per person’ or ‘per team’ fee that will go directly to covering the cost of the event as well as the sponsorship money.

Maximising Sponsorship

Inspire your participants to raise money as well as perform well on the water by adopting the ‘points for pounds’ system where the overall first prize combines a teams racing result with the amount of money they have raised.

Teams are given points for where they finish in the racing (150 for 1st, 145 for 2nd, 140 for 3rd etc.) and are also ranked according to how much sponsorship money they have raised and allocated points in the same way. These points are then added together to give an overall winning team.


If you’re stuck for a location for your event, don’t panic, tap into our knowledge of the best dragon boating venues in the UK. We have hosted dragon boat regattas on lakes, reservoirs, canals, rivers, and sheltered tidal waters (pretty much any stretch of water imaginable!) It is not always necessary to go to a designated water sports centre, by bringing in a couple of extra facilities, i.e. toilets etc. parkland and fields also make for great venues.

If you’re looking to source your own venue then please consider the following:

For dragons alive:

  • Site access for vehicles with trailers
  • Dragon boat and safety boat launch points (a slipway is ideal but not essential)
  • Land space for boat marshalling
  • Water depth of at least 2 metres
  • Suitable width for the number of dragon boats racing
  • Ideally a length of water of at least 300 metres to allow for a good race distance
  • Suitable and safe area for loading and unloading the dragon boat teams into the dragon boats
  • Safe and secure parking for a 40ft & 50ft vehicle with trailer
  • Other river traffic


For crews & spectators:

  • Car parking
  • Toilet Facilities (can be outsourced if necessary)
  • Changing Facilities (not necessary but popular with participants)
  • Catering & refreshments (can be outsourced if necessary)
  • Spectator viewing area (ideally a good view of the finish line)
  • Shelter from the weather (not essential but again popular, ask us about our Capri marquee)

We will happily guide you on all of the above and are happy to accompany you on a complimentary site visit to walk you through the site suitability and set up. On agreement of the venue we will perform a full risk assessment.

What’s included in our package?

Local authority & venue liaison- We will contact the local authorities and obtain any necessary licenses for your event and liaise with your chosen venue to ensure everything is in place for your event and carry out a risk assessment before the event.

Paperwork- We will send you a sample information pack and entry form for you to personalise and distribute to your team captains and provide you with the results from every race on the day including overall positions after the event.

Equipment- Boats, paddles, boat dressings, Chinese dragon boat flags (subject to a suitable siting point), race control gazebo, fully trained event staff, professional PA & announcer, safety boat with personnel and medic are all included within our package.

Race Control- Will register the teams, hand out the race programmes, allocate team numbers organise the team safety briefings and answer any questions that arise during the day.

Boat Marshalling- Our boat marshaller will ensure racing runs smoothly by liaising with the announcer to call up teams, they will then run through the safety checks before loading the teams into the dragon boats so they are ready to race.

Presentation – Our announcer and event manager will be happy to lead the presentation and award medals to the winning team (15 gold medals included in each quote, trophies, certificates and additional medals can be sourced if required).

£5,000,000 Public Liability Insurance

Charity Dragon Boat Racing in Action