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As in the popular BBC2 program “The Great Pottery Throw Down” this is a little more competitive. Here teams will tackle activities in the knowledge that points are at stake.

The making of Vases, Mugs and Tiles plus “Handle Pulling” are all on offer. The event climaxes with a “Pot Off” where the best thrower from each team goes head to head.

At the end of it all there is a winning team and a winning individual “Pot Off” potter.


Also available is the option to take part in a traditional pottery workshop, let your creativity take over and have a go at throwing a pot on the potters’ wheel and once you’ve finished your pot you can take it home to impress friends and family alike!  Also included are hand-building methods.  This activity is excellent for achieving that relaxed and stress-free atmosphere that is a must for a day out of the office.