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Raft Building is great as a stand-alone event or in rotation with other land based activities.  We recommend a maximum of 10 in a team with any number of rafts being possible depending on the land and water space available at your chosen venue.

Each team is given a selection of materials; plastic barrels, poles and of course the all important rope, so once they are happy with the design of their raft, building can commence!  The raft must be strong enough to carry four paddlers from each team round a designated course.

Once building is complete the additional team members need to be on hand to assist the paddlers with launching their raft and help with the recovery of the raft (hopefully still in one piece!) when they return to the shore.  All team members then help dismantle the raft before racing across the finish line.

To ensure safety whilst on the water the teams will be equipped with buoyancy aids, helmets and of course paddles to speed their progress around the course.