Record Beaters


The group will be introduced to the activity & given an outline of the challenges contained within the activity. 

Some challenges will involve a practice period before teams nominate a team member to represent them as they face off against the other teams whilst other activities will involve teams facing off against each other straight away or having a short practice period before they come to ‘do it for real’. 


  • The chance to attempt at least 4 challenges
  • A varied & entertaining activity that is both interactive & fun!
  • Inter team competition
  • Option to have a overall winning team
  • Icebreaker Activity
  • TAG Medals for the winners


  • An event manager
  • A compere & PA System (if required)
  • Equipment for the record attempts
  • The rules!


CUBE TOWER – Delegates will attempt to build the tallest single story cube tower using 1 inch square foam cubes. 

HULA HOOP SPINNING – Following a period of practice each team will nominate there best hula hooper to come to the front of the room to demonstrate how long they can hula hoop for.

CHOCOLATE CHALLENGE – After time for practicing teams will need to nominate there best chocolate eater…with chopsticks!