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Add some christmas cheer to your team building event with the festive themed Santa’s sleigh ride event.

The teams must work together to decorate their sleigh; bookers can choose between a pre built pedal kart or a flat pack ikea style chariot for the activity- decoration time is dependent on how quickly the teams can piece together the chariot without any instructions. Points will be awarded for design when the teams present their vehicles to the other teams during the parade before the racing takes place.

When it comes to racing the pedal karts require one driver who will be provided with the santa essentials of hat, beard and gloves. Changes of driver (& fancy dress) will occur after every lap as the teams compete to finish the race in the fastest time possible to earn maximum points. The chariots require a santa driver as well as two blindfolded reindeer who will be guided through the race course by the sighted santa claus.

Points will also be awarded following the race based on how well the designs held up during the race with scores totalled, the results are announced!