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Featuring a series of sporting events where teams will need to work together to ensure the best possible result for their team.

Crazy tennis- a fun game of tennis, using oversized racquets with a small net and foam balls, the challenge is on to achieve the longest rally possible.

Alternative boat race- the teams race their very own boat in this alternative boat race, which can take place with or without water!!

Basketball- a race to shoot as many baskets as possible in the time period, with team members retrieving and returning their basketball to save time.

Sumo penalty shootout- a hilarious activity, participants dressed in Sumo Suits must dribble a football round some cones before having a shot at Goal. Two teams’ race head to head, the Sumo Suit must be swapped to the next team member on every rotation.

Combine with chariot challenge or human table football to keep with the sporting theme.