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Our Sushi workshop are hands-on and fun! They are suitable for both the sushi expert and the complete beginner.

We offer 3 options – sushi making, bento box or a combination of both. We bring all the ingredients and equipment with us, all we need you to provide is lots of enthusiasm!

Our Takumi (Artisan of Japanese cooking) arrives with all the ingredients ready to assemble, there is no cooking involved on site. Our Sushi is made using cured fish rather than raw fish. Vegetarian options can be supplied for those who do not eat fish. You can either taste your creations as you go along, with soy sauce and wasabi, or have some to take home in a presentation box – or both!

We find that our clients go away with 3 main learning from the experience: how to time manage the food preparation, how to prepare healthy food and how to recycle leftover food from the fridge. It’s a great team building activity and can, of course, have a competitive element to it!

Each event starts with a welcome glass of sparkling Saké as a warm up to sushi making!