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Objectives- Your objective is to score as many points as possible, as a team, before the clock runs out. You are in competition with the other teams.

Choosing tasks- Every task has a page dedicated to it in this book. On each task page you will find specific information about:
-What the challenge entails
-Where the challenge is performed
-What equipment you will need, and where you can find it
-How many team members are required to complete the task
-How many points the challenge is worth.

Task levels- For each task there are 3 levels of difficulty, the easiest tasks are worth one point and the most difficult tasks are worth 3 points. On some challenges you will be required to state which level you will attempt, as you can only attempt one; will you take the easy points or gamble by attempting the harder task? On other tasks you will have no choice; you will simply be award the points for the highest level you achieve. The scenario is always stated on the task page.

Compulsory tasks / Optional tasks- Look out for the compulsory tasks – a number of the tasks are compulsory, so please ensure you allocate time to do these. Other tasks are optional.

Scoring- Most of the tasks require you to present your results to a member of the TAG event team. You should take your Task Book with you and when the challenge is complete the TAG event team will stamp the appropriate box on the task page. It is your responsibility to tear out the page and hand it in at the Scoring Station.