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The cube is a great activity that can be held indoors or outdoors and the actual activities which make up The cube can be tailored to meet your specific objectives.  We recommend teams no larger than 10 and can cater for 8-200 guests.

Your guests will be welcomed and introduced to ‘The cube’, which can be branded with logos or images.

The guests will be divided into teams;  each team will be set a series of exciting and challenging activities in which they can earn one of the smaller cubes.

The format-
– some are fast and furious
– some are logical
– some are guessing more accurately than the other teams
– some are relatively easy to achieve
– some are harder than others
– some will require only one or two team members
– some will require the whole team
all are lots of fun….

The activity is fundamentally collaborative as all the teams work towards rebuilding the cube at the activities conclusion.