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Our classic masterpiece event recreating a Picasso image works well for groups of up to 42 guests.  For larger groups we can create a custom piece of art or add this activity as a stand-alone event in rotation with other activities.

Your teams will become amateur artists in this creative artistic challenge.  Although many teambuilding activities focus on team vs. team, masterpiece ensures teams are working together to achieve a common goal.  Although initially working as separate teams, everyone soon realises that the real challenge is to work closely with the other teams to ensure they effectively re-create a Picasso masterpiece.

Once the painting stage is complete all the teams then come together and with co-operation, team work and of course communication, as the vibrant individual pieces are brought together to create the ‘masterpiece’.  The larger painting is mounted to create a ‘take away’ memento of the exercise, which when displayed back at the office acts as a daily reminder of each individuals’ potential for creativity and the whole teams’ collective output.

This is a truly stunning activity which never fails to bring a wonderful sense of achievement to all involved.