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Participants will be treated to a tour of Windsor town from a experienced blue badge guide. 

They will learn about the history of Windsor and how the town developed after the building of the world famous castle. As well as the towns long relationship with the British Royal Family.

Also included will be details of the growth of the town from the introduction of not one but two railway stations within the same year! 

The town hall will be incorporated in the walk; be sure to take in its ‘floating roof’ designed by Sir Christopher Wren as you learn about the famous marriages it has held of Sir Elton John & Prince Charles. 

Participants will also have the opportunity to enjoy the fantastic views offered by the Long Walk.

Where time is available there will be the opportunity to visit the river and learn about the history of the bridge that connects Windsor to Eton, as well as Eton itself – home of the world famous Eton College.