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Providing a yoga class with the aim of helping people relieve simple aches and pains, restore flexibility and release tension.

Regular yoga practice will improve concentration, clarity of mind, decision making and productivity.  This class aims to infuse a deep sense of personal health and wellbeing.

  • Balance to improve focus and calm
  • Strength to tone the body and energise the body and mind
  • Hop openers to relieve stress and increase mobility
  • Shoulder openers to release tension and improve posture
  • Twists to keep the spine healthy and detoxifying the system
  • Forward bends to bring fresh energy to the legs and release the spine whilst brining a sense of calm.
  • The class will end in Savasana (deep relaxation) to calm the central nervous system and bring energy into the body.

We ask guests to arrive at the class in loose fitting clothes, a positive intention and an open mind!  We will supply a yoga mat for each guest.

The benefits of Yoga classes

  • Increased productivity, efficiency and creativity
  • Increased focus and performance
  • Decrease in stress levels
  • Increase in relaxed and productive employees
  • Increased health and immunity
  • Increased team morale